Curtis J. Mearns, Ph.D.

Senior Evalutator


Curt Mearns is the senior researcher and evaluator at Pivot Evaluation. Although he received his Ph.D. in general experimental psychology from University of Nevada, Reno, he is formally trained in program evaluation.  He has over 20 years’ experience in program evaluation and behavioral research.

Curt’s research design experience spans perception, cognitive and social psychology, and animal behavior. He has provided evaluation services in the fields of:

  • Education including school reform, reading instruction, math instruction, special education, and professional development   

  • Public Health including substance abuse and suicide prevention, and youth offender socialization projects   

  • Environment including the U.S. Forest Service, and the U.S. Fish and Game

Curt’s evaluation designs often use both quantitative and qualitative elements to develop valid and generalizable conclusions from data collection efforts.  He listens to stakeholders concerns to design program evaluations that help decision-makers see their next steps.