Meet Our Staff

Nathan Lyons
Operations Manager

Mr. Lyons manages all aspects of survey administration after having over 5 years of implementing surveys at multiple organizations including UNM. He contributes to other data entry and evaluator support as necessary...READ MORE >>

Denise Garcia, M.S.

Denise Garcia has worked in environmental research and community engagement for 4 years. She has helped youth groups and non-profit organizations develop research questions and learn to use mapping tools to...READ MORE >>

Rose M. Matzkin, M.P.H.

Ms. Matzkin’s professional experience is grounded in community advocacy, including programs supportive of mental and behavioral health, which gives her excellent insight into related program operations and challenges...READ MORE >>

Trey Caples, MD, NCSP

Mr. Caples' educational degrees come from one of the premier educational colleges in the nation (University of South Florida).  His technical skills in combination with his experience in grant reporting and have propelled...READ MORE >>

Annie Theodoropoulos, M.A.

Annie Theodoropoulos has worked as both a data analyst and program evaluator since 2015. As a trained anthropologist, Annie is passionate about data collection and analysis, preferring to employ a holistic blend of both...READ MORE >>

Curtis J. Mearns, Ph.D.
Senior Evaluator

Curt Mearns is the senior researcher and evaluator at Pivot Evaluation. Although he received his Ph.D. in general experimental psychology from University of Nevada, Reno, he is formally trained in program evaluation...READ MORE >>